Educator of the Month

ISD’s educator of the month, Jessica Ballard, says she knew that she wanted to be a teacher from a young age. Ballard is a history teacher at Huntsville High School.

Every month, Huntsville Independent School District awards one teacher with the title of educator of the month. This month, social studies teacher Jessica Ballard received the honor. In order to be considered for this award, a teacher must be nominated. Nominations can be made by anyone on staff. The nominees are then voted on by the faculty and approved by the principal of their school. At Huntsville High School, the principal is Mrs. Beth Burt. It’s obvious to anyone who spends time here that Mrs. Burt really takes her job seriously and always wants the best for everyone at Huntsville High. That is why she truly enjoys recognizing the hard work of the teachers on her campus. “It is always a good day when I get to recognize a teacher for their hard work and dedication to our students,” Burt said. Mrs. Ballard first heard the good news during her fifth-period class when HISD interim Superintendent Sonny Cruse and Mrs. Burt came to see her and congratulate her personally. She was also recognized in public at the HISD School Board meeting. Ballard was awarded with a plaque commemorating her achievement and a monogrammed laptop case. Maybe the coolest gift was a huge sign hung in the hallway right outside of her room that reads “HISD Educator of the Month,” letting everyone know that they’re passing the classroom of a great teacher and mentor. Even before all the recent bells and whistles, Mrs. Ballard showed love for her job. She began teaching at Huntsville High School in 2005 after receiving her degree in English literature, history and secondary education. She has been teaching for 10 years and has enjoyed every second. “When I was a little kid, my parents would take me to the toy store and I would pick out school supplies. I’ve always just known that I wanted to be a teacher,” Ballard said. Her passion for teaching clearly shows in her dedication to her students every day. “I love my job!” Ballard proudly said. “It’s very fulfilling and fun.” It is clear that Mrs. Ballard is committed to making a positive impact in her students’ lives and making Huntsville High School a better place. It is good for teachers to be reminded just how great a job they are doing. “It really makes people feel appreciated,” Ballard said.