Huntsville High School

Huntsville Police arrested two high school students who skipped class and were later found in possession of illegal drugs. 

According to jail records, Wyatt Watson, 18, and another juvenile student were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Two weapons were later found under the back seat of the juvenile's vehicle. 

"An immediate investigation was conducted involving our school resources officers and both subjects were found,” Huntsville High School Principal William “Bill” Roberts said. “A search of their person and belongings revealed both to be in possession of drugs. This prompted a routine search of their vehicles which were both securely parked outside.”

Roberts said that both students were arrested without issue and immediately removed from campus by law enforcement and that appropriate disciplinary action will be administered in accordance with the school’s student code of conduct. 

“We are thankful that once again communication to administration by concerned students and staff was instrumental in allowing for swift action to be taken to resolve the situation without incident,” Roberts added. “School safety is our top priority and we will continue to work diligently to maintain a safe school environment for every child and staff member at Huntsville High School. And as always, we appreciate your trust and support. Please remain vigilant and report any concerns you may have."

Officials noted that at no time were the students in possession of any weapons inside the school building.