Several groups of young entrepreneurs lined the halls of Stewart Elementary Thursday to present their week’s work, and there was quite a lot to show.

During an enhanced academic leadership summer camp, groups which included three Huntsville Independent School District students in third- through sixth-grade were challenged to produce, package and market their own brand of cookie.

The camp was held this week beginning Monday, and on Thursday, all of the groups presented their final projects, four of which were awarded for excellence in either creativity, taste, marketing or advertising.

“The project was to create and design an original cookie idea, then make it using materials from a whole store we had set up,” camp teacher Cathy Davis said. “We gave them a budget for marketing and for the use of supplies, and after making their cookies, they also had to create a package, a print advertisement and a media presentation for their cookies.

“Finally, they had to present their entire project and also score each other’s projects.”

As the students worked their way down a group of tables which displayed all of the cookie presentations, they were asked to score the projects on a variety of scales including taste.

“The kids have always been the toughest critics,” Davis said. “I think the youngest kids have been working overtime to try to impress the older kids, and I think they did.

“We’ve heard a lot of the sixth-grade students looking at the younger kids’ projects and saying, ‘Wow, look what they can do.’”

The different types of cookies the students created included “Lilly Pad” cookies, patriotic cookies and cookies with different kinds of candy in them.

“The fact that the students got to come up with their own designs and presentations gave them a chance to figure out their own strengths and weaknesses,” camp teacher Kim Johnson said. “If someone was really artistic, they could work on the package or the advertisement, and if another enjoyed cooking, they could focus on making the cookies.”

The students also had various options to consider when making their media presentations.

“Each student took a leadership role in the activity and just went with it,” Davis said. “We had one group, for example, where one student said they wanted to do the cooking and another said they wanted to do the media presentation.

“It worked out because they could do individual work, but when they needed each other, they used each other.”

The students’ work was especially impressive, Davis said, because some of the students had never met before.

“We worked really well together, but I don’t really think I had met anyone in my group before,” fifth-grader Caitlyn Landrum said. “I ended up doing a little bit of everything, and it was fun coming up with our recipe.”

According to fourth-grade student Faith Williams, Thursday’s judging activity was really interesting because it gave the students a chance to see the other completed projects.

“I was really happy about what we did, but I saw some other projects that were really cool, too,” she said. “I think everybody worked really hard, and everybody had a good time this week.”