It took multiple police officers to arrest a woman after police say she evaded officers twice and broke out of handcuffs.

Officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the 200 block of Louis and Davis Drive in Huntsville at 12:45 a.m. on Sunday, when they encountered a woman behaving aggressively. Police say the woman – identified as Amanda Cadena – began to verbally berate them, and entered her vehicle, driving backwards into a neighbor’s driveway.

Authorities say that they were able to catch up to Cadena and tried to remove her from the vehicle, but she was able to take off again before getting the vehicle stuck in a nearby driveway. Police then attempted to get the door open and remove her, but were still met with resistance while she attempted to flee again.

Police say the suspect was finally handcuffed and placed into custody, but before they could make it to their car, the woman slipped from her handcuffs and struggled with officers while she tried to flee.

“This was obviously a difficult arrest and our officers did a great job,” HPD Lt. Jim Barnes said. “I am glad no one was injured and we got her into custody.”

Cadena was found to have three outstanding warrants, two for possession of a controlled substance in Hays and Caldwell Counties and possession of marijuana in Hays County. She was also charged with driving while intoxicated with a child under 15-years-old, evading arrest, resisting arrest and escaping custody. She is currently being held in the Walker County Jail on $147,000 in bonds.