Walker County Courthouse

Today marks the 175th anniversary of Walker County.

The county of Walker was founded April 6, 1846 by the first legislature of the new state of Texas, which also designated Huntsville the seat of government.

The earliest known inhabitants of this area were the Cenis and Bidai (Bedias) Indians. Spanish explorers began to arrive in 1542, followed by the French in 1687. The area was thinly populated by Spanish and Mexican settlers until the early 1830s when colonists came from the United States.

According to the Walker County Historical Commission, brothers Pleasant and Ephraim Gray established a trading post near downtown Huntsville in 1835 or 1836, naming it for their home in Huntsville, Alabama. The region was included in neighboring counties until Walker County was created in 1846, named for U. S. Senator Robert J. Walker, who introduced legislation for Texas' annexation. However, when the Civil War began, Walker declined to support the Confederacy and the Texas Legislature renamed the county for Texas Ranger Samuel H. Walker in 1863.

A historic marker notating the history of Walker County stands on the grounds of the county courthouse. 

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