Huntsville ISD

While Huntsville ISD officials have celebrated “massive” improvements under the state’s academic accountability system, the district fell short of most of its own goals for 2019-20, including many of those aimed at closing achievement gaps between students.

On Thursday, members of the HISD Board of Trustees are expected to set performance targets that are geared towards achieving a statewide initiative to have 60% of all children in third grade meet state standards on standardized tests. The hope is that increasing the readiness level in the formative years will increase scores throughout a child’s school career.

Only 39% of third grade students at Huntsville ISD met statewide math standards in 2019, while 32% met the level in literacy. The proposed goals are scheduled to meet the 60% initiative by 2029. The goals are also set to increase the percentage of Huntsville ISD graduates meeting the criteria for college, career or military readiness from 54% to 84% by 2030.

The numbers are even more alarming when broken down by demographic. Accountability ratings show that 26% of African Americans and Hispanics met grade level standards in literacy, while the ratings are 24% and 38%, respectively, in mathematics. Huntsville ISD is scheduled to increase those to 40% by 2024, according to the proposed goals.

Districts are required to adopt performance goals under House Bill 3, which was passed by the Texas Legislature in 2019.


Other items up for discussion during Thursday’s meeting includes:

• a report on the 2019-20 advanced placement and dual-credit results.

• consultation with the school district’s attorney concerning threatened litigation and a possible settlement.


Thursday’s meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the HISD Support and Learning Center, located at 1010 8th Street in Huntsville. A livestream from the meeting will be available below.