The agreement among local candidates in the runoff for the primary election is eligible citizens should get out and vote today.

Republican candidates for Precinct 2 Walker County Commissioner and justice of the peace Precinct 2 will go head-to-head for their party’s nomination and set their sights on the general election in November.

“I would encourage all voters of Precinct 2 to vote,” said Frank Roberts, candidate for justice of the peace. “We’re ready and just wanting to make it through (the day).”

Roberts will face Richard Duncan in the race for the justice of the peace post, while Robert E. Autery and J.T. Langley are in the race for Precinct 2 Walker County Commissioner.

Duncan said the primary has been longer than expected with the runoff, but he’s thankful for supporters and voters who come to the polls.

“This has been a very positive and optimistic experience,” he said. “I would like people to get out and vote and really look at the qualifications of the candidates.”

Autery, who took a fall last month, is doing well and is ready for today’s deciding election. He has been back on his current job as county commissioner for Precinct 2 for several weeks and is encouraging his supporters to show up and vote.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said Monday. “I think people who want experience will get what they want if they come out and vote.”

Democrats will vote in the runoff elections for U.S. Senate and lieutenant governor. There are no local Democratic runoffs.

Barbara Radnofsky is up against Gene Kelly for the Senate seat, and Benjamin Grant will face Maria Louisa Alvarado for the lieutenant governor post.

If citizens voted in the Democratic primary, they must vote in the same runoff. The same is true for those who voted in the Republican primary. If registered voters signed the petition for independent gubernatorial candidates Kinky Freidman or Carol Keeton Strayhorn, they may not vote in the runoff.

Polls are open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and voters should bring a form of photo identification and/or a voter registration card.

The following locations will serve as polling places for the runoff election.

• Precincts 101, 102, 103 and 104: Walker County Annex

• Precincts 201 and 206: First Presbyterian Church

• Precincts 203/204: Walker County Fairgrounds

• Precinct 205: Elkins Lake Mud Room

• Precincts 301, 302, 303, 304 and 305: Hawkins Administration Building

• Precincts 401, 402, 403, and 404: Second Baptist Church

Walker County Commissioner, Pct. 2

• Incumbent Robert Earl Autery has served the post for more than 11 years. He said rural road improvement has been a top priority over the years, and he has managed to change the roads from narrow, one-lane byways to wider, two-lane roads with easements for drainage where land was available. He said there is further planning to pave and upgrade rural roads as the county’s budget allows.

Other than his duties as road commissioner, budget and personnel director, Autery is a longterm member of the Brazos Valley Community Action Agency board. Through this organization, he has obtained funds of $10,000 a year to keep the Walker County Senior Center up and running, $2,500 for the women of the community in their quest to fight breast cancer and $5,000 for the start up of Court Appointed Special Advocate, “CASA.”

• J.T. Langley has served on the Huntsville Independent School District Board of Trustees for nine years. Langley works at Lee College, where he is the department chair of technical programs and a horticulture teacher and has been there for 28 years.

He hopes to make a difference in the county by always keeping an open ear to all Walker County citizens and is hoping to get local agencies involved with each other to make an impact across the community.

Walker County justice of the peace, Precinct 2

• Richard Duncan has lived in Walker County for 12 years and has become active in the Walker County Fair Association, United Way Allocations Committee, the Huntsville Optimist Club and YMCA board of directors.

Duncan is an account executive with Accu-Tech, a wholesaler and distributor. He has worked in the past for United States Office of Personnel Management and Sam Houston State University and believes his previous jobs give him significant preparation for a position as justice of the peace.

• Frank Roberts has worked for 25 years as a real estate appraiser. He is self employed and state-certified. He currently serves as a board member of the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce and the Walker County Appraisal Review Board.

If elected, one of the things Roberts would like to do is make people aware of who he is, what he does and what he can do for them.

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