HHS partners with Houstonian for journalism internship

Photo by Charlie Blalock/The HiveHuntsville High School junior Kayla Jefferson works on headlines for The Houstonian, Sam Houston State's student-run newspaper. Sam Houston State has partnered with Huntsville High School to allow a few select students the opportunity to dive into the journalism world. “I really like what I'm doing and love that I can experience it now,” Jefferson said. 

A partnership was formed between The Houstonian and Huntsville High School to allow HHS students to get a real hands-on experience when dealing with writing articles, and just overall, how to be an outstanding field reporter. 

Students are more than excited about this opportunity, and can’t wait to dive into the complicated world of journalism, while participating in an internship with The Houstonian, the student newspaper at Sam Houston State University. 

The field of journalism is one that takes hard work, dedication and perseverance. Students take leads in small assignments, which means that it is all up to them to get it done, and turned in on time. 

“When they first laid our assignments on us, I was a little intimidated because it was so much responsibility,” HHS junior Kayla Jefferson said.

The Houstonian is an independent student-run newspaper that is fast-paced and stops for no one. The staff works around the clock to produce a new weekly issue, ready to print on Wednesdays.

“We were spending time after school at The Houstonian office, and I had never experienced that before,” Jefferson said.

Students will continue to work, and create works of their own that will be printed, and read by others outside of HHS. This entails gaining more readers, and stretching out beyond their comfort zones.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity, and I’m grateful for it,” HHS senior Jennifer Gonzales said.

This is the start of an abundance of new opportunities for students interested in continuing into the journalism world, and also a new start for a very important partnership between The Houstonian and Huntsville High School.

“I’ve already learned a lot and it’s really awesome,” Gonzales said.

Editor in chief of The Houstonian, Teddi Cliett, was more than excited about being able to train young interns to understand how the world of newspaper works, and to help expand the knowledge of those interested in journalism.

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