Buzzy, Huntsville High School's mascot, is on the road to becoming a national star

Photo by Emily Cleveland/The Hive

Buzzy. the Huntsville Hornet, anxiously waits to awards the coveted spirit stick at a pep rally. School is out Monday at Huntsville ISD, New Waverly ISD, Alpha Omega Academy and Premier Academy.

Jayden Mathis, also known as the Hornets’ mascot Buzzy, is quickly becoming a big deal. 

Buzzy, er, Mathis, recently cheered at a national competition and earned two prestigious awards — National Cheer Association All-American Mascot and National Cheer Association All-Around Best Mascot. 

As a reward for receiving these honors, the staff of National Cheer Association offered Buzzy multiple opportunities to represent Huntsville High School at international and national locations. Buzzy made the decision to perform a pregame performance at the Citrus Bowl and will be in the Walt Disney World Parade in Orlando, Florida.

“My favorite part of being Buzzy is definitely seeing the kids’ reactions when they see me,” Mathis told The Hive. “Those are memories I will cherish and hold with me forever.”

The Citrus Bowl, which is also known as the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, is an annual college bowl game that is held at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The performance will be televised, however, the information regarding programming will be released at a later date.

“I am extremely excited, but I’m more excited to represent my hometown and school in a big way to finish out my senior year,” Mathis said.

Mathis is currently raising money for the funds needed to reach her ultimate destination. She is the first Buzzy to have the opportunity to perform at such quality and televised events. Anyone who would like to help Buzzy make the long trip to Florida can email

“At first, I was excited but was not sure how I would even get the funding and thought it would never be a reality for myself,” Mathis explained. “It did not really even set in until my mom and I discussed it and she stated that we could make it happen. I am very grateful to have these opportunities. I look forward to what the future holds.”

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