Tennis club raises funds for SAAFE House

Colton Foster | The Huntsville ItemMembers of the Elkins Lake tennis and pickleball association, Huntsville's SAAFE House and the Sam Houston tennis team gathered for the gifting of the check.

HUNTSVILLE— Elkins Lake Tennis and Pickleball Association and Huntsville’s SAAFE House teamed up for their eighth annual tennis double’s tournament last month. 

During the event, the club was able to raise $8,000 for the SAAFE House program for the removal of a dead tree, and help with office renovations as they are currently moving.

“I was super pleased with the generosity from the community and the amount of money we were able to raise for the SAAFE House,” said John Kanewske, the president of the Elkins Lake Tennis and Pickleball Association. “This was a record amount for the Elkins Lake Tennis and Pickleball Association to donate as a fall fundraiser and we were able to double our previous amount. It just shows how much people care and want to help out.”

This tennis fundraiser was in conjunction with the Sam Houston tennis team. They sold tickets to play in a doubles tournament against the Bearkats. This year they were able to do something a little bit different as well, when a donor purchased spots for the Huntsville Lady Hornet tennis team to participate in the tournament.

Having the Bearkat tennis team backing the event has been a bonus, and adds a draw to the event that is beneficial to both Sam Houston and Elkins Lake Tennis and Pickleball Association.

“It’s always good to see them and they are paying to play with our team,” Sam Houston tennis coach Rob Hubbard said. “Tennis is a small community and they talk about the six degrees of separation and in tennis, it’s two. It’s always fun when you grab the different aspects of it. It’s a blast to put it all together and to benefit something as needy and worthy as the SAAFE House.”

“It is amazing,” SAAFE House executive client services director Rene Murphy added. “We have interns from Sam Houston and we try to do a lot of things with them. We really appreciate the relationship and with Elkins, and we have done a few fundraisers with them and they are a lot of fun to be with as well as they are hard workers and have brought into the cause.”

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