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The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has launched a dashboard on its website that includes more detailed data and information about coronavirus cases within the state prison systems.

The dashboard includes the number of active COVID-19 cases and the amount of offenders in medical restriction and medical isolation by each of the agency’s 106 units. The dashboard also includes information and testing results from the TDCJ Strike Team, who have been mass testing asymptomatic offenders and employees at a number of units impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

“The agency continues to administer and receive results for COVID-19 tests daily,” officials said in a release. “Given the volume of tests and results received, slight differences in counts may reflect what the database has captured at different points in time, or in some instances, counts may need to be adjusted to reflect corrections to data.

The data indicates the current location and status of offenders tested, which may change over time.

According to the dashboard, the virus has impacted 56 units across the state, including all of Walker County’s seven units. There are currently 772 active cases of the virus within the local offender population, while 99 local employees are currently battling with the disease.

Nearly a third of the total offender population has been tested across the state, resulting in a 9.3% positive rate. While below the expected positive rate, the rate remains above the 5.9% positive rate that is being seen across the state of Texas.

At least 36 offenders are presumed to have died from the virus, while 29 other deaths are pending a formal autopsy. Seven TDCJ employees have also died from the virus.

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