Huntsville City Hall

The Huntsville City Council’s first public hearing on its proposed budget stayed open for approximately 30 seconds. 

The hearing, the first of two scheduled by the city, yielded no citizen input.

Tonight, the city council is expected to adopt a proposed $75.1 million budget that will call for a 30.62 cents per $100 tax rate. While a decrease on paper from last year, the new rate allows the city to generate 4.48% more in additional revenue, most of which is coming from new property added to the tax rolls.

“We are really fortunate that our sales tax revenues continue to be very good,” Mayor Andy Brauninger said. “I’ve talked with other city leaders with decreased sales taxes, and they are now having to go up on their property taxes just to cover capital projects on the books.”

According to the city’s draft budget, ad valorem taxes account for 20.3% of general fund revenue, assuming the 30.62 tax rate is used. Ad valorem taxes are also the city’s largest revenue source, the budget states.

Sales taxes are projected to account for about 35.5% of general fund revenues in the draft budget. Sales tax receipts are expected to increase by 1.7% in the upcoming budget over the revised 2019-20 budget.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Huntsville City Hall.