SHSU Online continues to rake in national honors

SHSU Communications

Sam Houston State University’s online program continues to receive national recognition. 

Affordable Schools, an online think tank, recently named the Sam Houston State University online psychology bachelor’s program among the best in the nation. The rankings were determined by the average cost of attendance, student-to-faculty ratio, graduation rate and US News and World Report ranking.

“SHSU Online offers over 40 fully online programs, many of which have received national recognition,” executive director of online operations Ruth Chisom said. “Offering quality education remotely means that we can reach more students, where they are, deliver an outstanding learning experience and play an integral role in preparing them for future success.”

SHSU was named number 10 of the 20 schools in the study, with the program ranked No. 76 overall. Yearly tuition for the program costs $12,712 per year, regardless if the student is in Texas or not.

“Students from across the U.S. can take SHSU Online courses and not pay an out-of-state fee,” Chisom added. “This makes our pricing highly competitive and attractive. And for prospective students in the State of Texas, the economic gain is still significant.”

The program boasts a 23 to 1 student to faculty ratio and a 51% graduation rate. However, only 75% of the program is online, the rest needing to be done on campus.

“We have been able to add several sections to many course offerings, allowing for more classes and accessibility, so students can have more hands on time with their teacher,” psychology department chair Y.I. Tomes said. “We also hope to expand the program in the next few years to allow students to earn the degree entirely online, which will bring up the graduation rate.”

Online degrees require the same 120 credit hours and classes that a traditional degree requires, including math, various sciences, political science, communications, creative arts, culture, history, philosophy and languages.

“The classes that will need to be taken on campus at this time are the junior and senior level psychology classes,” Tome added. “Those and hopefully several graduate-level psychology classes will be offered in the future.”

Online psychology graduates are also entitled to the same opportunities in the field, including mental health management, law enforcement, higher education administration, advocacy, case management and social research.

“As online learning increases, there will be more opportunities for those who learn online to transition into the workforce as seamlessly as other students,” Tome added. “Student success is our priority.”

SHSU has also received acclaim for other online programs, including a no. 1 ranking for online master’s degrees, a no. 7 ranking for online registered nurse (RN) programs, and a no. 1 ranking for the Master’s in information assurance and security program.