Sam Houston State University’s new president Dr. Dana Gibson presented faculty and staff service and excellence awards at the annual general assembly Thursday at the Performing Arts Center.

Recipients are as follows:

• 20-Year Service Awards: (Faculty) Tracy Bilsing, Associate Professor of English; Leonard Breen, Associate Professor of Education; Furgen Deng, Professor of Sociology; Jurg Gerber, Professor of Criminal Justice; Debbie Hatton, Instructor of Communication Studies; Beverly Irby, Associate Dean, College of Education, Professor of Education; Jiahuang Ji, Associate Professor Computer Science; Teresa Lesesne, Professor of Library Science; Gan Liang, Professor of Physics; Nick Pappas, Professor of History; Mary Robbins, Professor of Reading.

(Staff) Lori Rose, Biology; Ray Smith, Agriculture; Trina Strange, Distance Learning; Melanie Walton, Library; Gail Wright, Correspondence; Debbie Birdwell, Vice President’s Office; Marcela Castillo, Custodial Services; Molly Currie, Controller’s Office; Doug Greening, Physical Plant; James Gregory Jr., Custodial Services; James Harding, Physical Plant; Debra Holl, Bursar’s Office; Catalina Huizar, Custodial Services; Angel Lamb, Human Resources; Elaine Lewis, Physical Plant; Jack Nichols, Physical Plant; Robert Summers, Physical Plant; Tim Tyler, Sam Houston Press; Ernst Wilson, Physical Plant; Javier Zamudio, Residence Life; Doug Wright, Financial Aid; Jim Gibson, Student Legal Services.

• 25 Year Service Awards: (Faculty) Kristina Hanssen, Professor of Theatre; Jack Turner, Professor of Biology.

(Staff) Debra McCall, Dean’s Office, College of Criminal Justice; Karyl Horn, Payroll; Shelly Smith, Accounts Payable; Denise Henry, Residence Life; Teresa Ringo, Registrar.

• 30 Year     Service Awards: (Faculty) Keith Jenkins, Associate Professor of Business Administration; Joe Kirk, Professor of Mathematics; Ann Holder, Director, Newton Gresham Library.

• 35 Year    Service Awards: (Faculty) Emmette Jackson, Professor of Photography; Paul Ruffin, Distinguished Professor of English.

• 40 Year    Service Awards: (Faculty) Leroy Ashorn, Associate Dean, College of Business Administration, Professor of Finance; Jerry Bruce, Associate Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Professor of Psychology;  James Deshaw, Professor of Biology; Glen Kercher, Professor of Criminal Justice; Stanley Kordinak, Professor of Psychology; Maureen McIntyre, Professor of Theatre.

• 45 Year    Service Awards: (Faculty) Robert Shadle, Associate Professor of History.            

• 2010 Staff Excellence Award Recipients: John Douglas, custodian; Janie Joyce, Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling; Molly Doughtie, College of Education; and Pam Thaler, Administrative Coordinator, College of Business Administration’s Chair of Banking.