November market updated and millennials

Saturday, November 30th is Shop Local Day. The day after Black Friday encouraging shoppers to spend some of their Christmas money at small local businesses. 

As a real estate agent located in Downtown Huntsville, I am a member of the Huntsville Downtown Business Alliance. Although I cannot participate in the monetary drawing ticket giveaway for purchasing $25 in my office, I can participate as a local shopper.

When you choose to use a Huntsville real estate agent to sell your home, you are ensuring that their commission will be spent locally in Huntsville. Their property taxes will help support Huntsville schools, their sales tax will contribute to the budget for the City of Huntsville and if they have college age students, they my be paying tuition for their Bearkat to attend Sam Houston State University.

The more we travel outside of Huntsville to shop or seek out businesses from other places, the more we send our funds away from our community.

There are many misconceptions about Huntsville not having certain things, but the truth is that entertainment for all ages is bountiful in Huntsville.

It does take extra effort to find local entertainment, but it is available and will stay here if we support these places financially. Facebook is a great way to find local events and entertainment options.

Places like Incredible Pizza are not sustainable in Huntsville because they require huge numbers of people to frequent their location to make a profit and keep their doors open.

We have numerous children’s party locations in Huntsville including HEB BBQ and Domino’s pizza. American Flip Factory and Kids Spot are also great indoor party fun zones.

We have Arnaud’s food park for family entertainment, Big E’s for a sports bar hang out.

You can visit Humphrey’s for late night fun and even dare to enter the darkly shrouded Shenanigan’s. Not much different than other closed in bars with beer and dancing. The Walker County Fairgrounds frequently has late night concerts and other large scale events.

The Old Town Theatre has been offering various performances every weekend. From

comedians and magicians to plays and extravagant musicians. All for fair prices within a comfortable theatre just minutes from your home.

Keepin’ it real y’all, most of us are busy with kids, work and vacations. Those of us who choose to live in Huntsville enjoy our quiet lifestyle, in bed early on Saturday nights and up early for church on Sunday.

Some great kids entertainment options other than club sports and the weekly festivals around town featuring bounce houses, free food and crafts for kids are local kids gyms, dance studios, free paint time at Cork & Canvas or attending SHSU sporting events and theater or musical performances.

If you want outdoor entertainment we have golf courses, a private airport, numerous museums, The Wynne Home dedicated solely to art with various art classes and events, swimming pools, numerous parks with playgrounds and covered entertainment areas and even Huntsville State Park where I lead a weekly women’s hike on the last Saturday of every month at 9am.

Did you know that a paintball business opened up and was located on Veteran’s Memorial? It has since closed because the locals did not support it by spending their money there or telling others about it.

Businesses need us to frequent their locations to survive. It is the same for your real estate agent, insurance agent, investment expert, electrician, plumber, roofer, A/C technician and so much more.

Shop local for everything. Don’t let your hard-earned money support other communities. Keep it here!

Fun Fact-When you purchase a brand new vehicle in another county, they will typically send the sales tax to that county. You can request that your sales tax dollars for your new vehicle be sent to Walker County!

Support Huntsville. Shop Local.