Hundreds of scouts from across Southeast Texas are learning traditional scouting skills, archery, wilderness survival and fire starting as part of the Sam Houston Area Council’s annual day camp at Josey Lodge in Huntsville.

“In addition to having a lot of fun, these kids are learning valuable skills,” camp director Kevin Booth said. “We do some things that are not so exciting, but this is one of the fun parts of scouting. We are really excited about all the activities we have this week,”

All week, Scouts have been coming in and out of the historic lodge on Sam Houston Avenue. This  Scout day camp has been hosted for one week out of the summer for decades.

Each camp day starts in the morning and lasts until about 1:30 p.m.

Throughout the week, scouts are participating in activities and sports, including soccer, archery, building tool boxes, shooting bb guns, crafts, rank advancements, scouting skills and fire starting.

“This week was about fun with a purpose,” Booth said. “This is a leadership program and these kids are learning important life lessons.”

Scouts also learned about the history of Josey Lodge and its impact on scouting in the region, and were introduced to flag folding procedures along with raising and lowering the flag.

“We wanted to teach the scouts about honoring their community and country,” Booth added. “Being a scout is all about honesty, courtesy and reverence and we hope they will take those lessons with them.”

The camp allowed Scouts from different age groups to earn advancements through activities. Tigers (1st grade) had the opportunity to earn good knights, floats and boats and stories in shapes badges, while Wolves (2nd grade) could earn air to the wolf, motor away and germs alive badges. Bears (3rd grade) had the opportunity to earn their bear claw, baloo the builder and marble madness badges. Webelos (4th grade) could earn first responder, build it and paracord project badges, with the advanced Webelos (5th grade) earning outdoor adventure, castaway and paracord project badges.

“We hope this week will help attract these scouts and others to the organization,” Booth said. “There is so much scouts do and kids should not miss out.”