Alumni of Samuel Walker Houston Elementary school are searching for their classmates who helped to integrate Huntsville High School in 1968 for their inaugural bell call. 

“There has been an alumni organization for the high school since the ‘70’s, but we wanted to form to assist the group, organizer and alum Lavon Mayes said. “As the high school alumni grow older, we want to ensure their legacy continues.”

Following integration in 1968, Samuel Houston High School was demolished. Trophies and memorabilia were thrown out, but many of the items were recovered by the community. The class of 1972, which Mayes was a part, were the first students to attend Huntsville High School all four years.

“We are hoping to find those who attended the elementary from 1960-68, which were the last classes to attend the school,” Mayes added. “The school with over 700 students was instrumental in our local history.”

The elementary school alumni are holding a back-to-school bell call reunion gathering on October 19, from 10 a.m. to noon, before the former students attend both HHS and Sam Houston State University homecomings. The event will be held at the new SWH elementary school, located at 1641 on 7th Street.

“This will be a really exciting event,” Mayes said. “Many of the students have not seen each other in 40-50 years. We will socialize and come up with plans for the future.”

Alumni are encouraged to contact the organization and provide their name in school while attending and current last name, mailing address, email, phone number and senior year. Alumni may provide their information by calling 936-741-8888 or by emailing

“Forming the elementary school branch will allow these former students opportunity to rekindle old friendships, share memories and revive stories from the classroom and playground,” Mayes added. “We hope to reach as many alumni as possible to carry on our legacy.” 

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