Several graduating senior art majors from Sam Houston State University will hold exhibitions at the Satellite Gallery in downtown Huntsville. 

The first exhibition, “Perpetual” by Dylan Cartwright opens tonight at 6 p.m., with the artist talk beginning at 6:30 p.m. The work in “Perpetual” focuses on stream of thoughts and personal experiences, illustrating a window into different perspectives, featuring two-dimensional drawings and interactive sculptures.

“Two-dimensional art is flat work such as painting, drawing, printmaking and photography,” said Rebecca Finley, a professor of art at SHSU. “Dylan’s work is about subconscious thought and personal experience. His drawings are about stream of consciousness and the sculptures are about incorporating the viewer to make one consider their own thought process.”

The next exhibition, titled “Huntsville to Llano” by Amanda Allison is set to run April 18-20, with her artist talk beginning at 6:30 p.m. on April 18.

Allison’s work incorporates found imagery with her architectural photographs to create

surreal environments. She has regularly exhibited work in galleries and is also a commercial photographer for several Texas based companies.

“Amanda reimagines familiar spaces and turns them into uncanny environments,” Finley added. “Her heavily manipulated photographs will leave the viewer wondering what is real and what is created.”

“Augmented Reality” by Jaycie Frazier will also run from April 18-20, with an artist talk following Allison.

The photographic work in Augmented Reality derives from Frazier’s current struggle with depression and anxiety. With the use of photo manipulation, she changes the everyday by creating these surreal images that alter one’s perception of reality.

“Jaycie’s photographs also investigate space and environments, but are altered to present two places at one time,” Finley said.

Frazier has shown work in several exhibitions including Huntsville Narratives. She also created a permanent collaborative statue at Belvin Buchanan Hall on the Sam Houston State University campus.

The Satellite Gallery is located in Downtown Huntsville at 1216 University Ave.

“These exhibitions are a wonderful way for the community to see the work created by our talented students in the Art Department,” Finley added. “It is also an opportunity for the community to learn more about art and what these young, emerging artist are thinking about. There is the opportunity to engage with the artists and learn about a variety of different mediums as well.”