A few local residents are doing what they can to create a downtown music scene in Huntsville, and have enlisted the help of one of the top Houston alternative rock bands.

Eric Brady and Marcus Gold, supported by G.O.A.T. Productions and Bolla Rice, are bringing four bands from Houston and Huntsville to Richmond Hall at 8 tonight.

“The goal behind this is to facilitate a downtown Huntsville music scene,” G.O.A.T. Productions owner and Undercrowd bassist Garrett Lofgren said.

The Finalist will headline the four-band set and will be preceded by Morningside Drive, Shortbus Superheroes and Undercrowd.

“The headliner is The Finalist and basically, they won 30 days in a row the Battle of the Bands on 94.5 The Buzz and they are signed to Maverick Records, which is a major record label,”

Maverick Records was started in 1991 by Madonna, Freddy DeMann and Ronnie Dashev and features artists such as Alanis Morissette, The Deftones and Michelle Branch.

The Finalist’s single, “Leave the Broken Hearts Behind,” was featured on the 2006 horror film “The Hills Have Eyes.”

Morningside Drive is the other Houston-based band and Lofgren said they should soon be making an impact in the music world.

“They are also from Houston and are being shopped by Sony Records and they’re about to be pretty big,” he said.

While the Houston bands were selected for their notoriety and musical success, they chose two Huntsville-based bands that have been working hard and playing shows all over the area.

“We wanted to bring in bands that are doing really well,” Lofgren said. “For example, Shortbus Superheroes have played some gigs at Sam Houston State University, as well as some major venues in Houston. Undercrowd is up-and-coming and are about to complete their album, which should finish in late July.”

Concessions will not be available at Richmond Hall, but there will be extended breaks in between sets, where concertgoers can enjoy the nearby establishments.

“We’re going to have an extended break between bands, where people can go to the Stardust Room and we’ll have shot specials,” Lofgren said.

Things will kick off at 8 tonight, with an $8 admission. Richmond Hall is located on the Huntsville Square next door to the Old Town Theatre.

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