Rebstock earns the rank of Eagle Scout

SubmittedZachary Rebstock from Troop 98 in Huntsville recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Officials from the Josey Scout Lodge recently announced another Eagle Scout recipient, Zachary Rebstock from Troop 98. He completed all requirements and had his Eagle Board of Review on in March. 

Rebstock started his journey to Eagle when he was 10-years-old in 2014, initially joining a troop in Madisonville, then later transferring to Troop 98.

His most memorable camping trip was to Camp Alexander in Colorado. He says the weather was perfect. While at Camp Alexander they had a Polar Bear Plunge at 7 a.m., which allowed those who wanted to earn this award go to the lake when it was 43 degrees and jump into 45 degrees water temperature.

Rebstock says his best merit badge to work on and earn was the Pioneering Merit Badge, which helped him to learn his knots and lashings. He has not had a problem tying any knots or lashings since he completed this merit badge.

His hardest merit badge was Citizenship in the Community, in which he had to learn about his community and a non-profit organization in his community and then do a presentation along with 8 hours of community service with the non-profit organization. He also had to learn and discuss community issues and attend a city council meeting.

Rebstock initially had an Eagle project planned to build garden beds for the Waterwood Community Gardeners. The garden club decided to not pay to have water lines run out to where the garden beds were to be placed, so this project was not started.

Rebstock then approached the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum of Texas for a project idea and they had a slant back armored HUMVEE that needed to be cosmetically restored. Rebstock and his team got to work sanding and placing plexiglass in the doors where the windows were missing and attached covers for the gas tank and over a connection for an antennae. They also filled in areas where the fiberglass was deteriorating.

The original plan was to use paint brushes to paint the vehicle. Rebstock decided to make the extra effort to spray paint it so it would look better. He prepped the HUMVEE for spray painting, placed wind barriers around the Vehicle and commenced to spray paint the vehicle Desert Tan. Rebstock learned through this entire process that leadership is the process of leading and not directing.

In the future Rebstock plans to continue volunteering and helping the Boy Scouts of America wherever possible, possibly at summer camp teaching archery.

He will be attending Southeastern Illinois College on an archery scholarship and learn Outfitter Wildlife Conservation. Once he has completed this program he would like to go through a linguistic program and do missionary work overseas.

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