Walker County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Janie H. Farris was recently inducted as a charter member into the Texas Justice Court Judges Association’s College of Justice Court Judges.

Farris was one of 91 justice court judges throughout the state of Texas to receive the honor.

According to the JCJA Web site, the college, formed in fall 2006, was formed for “Texas justices of the peace who desire advanced education and who should be recognized for that endeavor.”

Farris said, as a court judge, she is required by law to complete 20 hours of training.

“The association has prepared a curriculum and if you go above those requirements, you are inducted into the college,” Farris said.

In order to qualify for the college, completion of a 10-hour advanced study course on justice court jurisdictional issues is required.

“There are about 840 (justices of the peace) in the state and everyone has this option,” Farris said. “I chose to do this and completed the 10-hour requirement.”

Farris, who is also a member of the JCJA, said it was a challenging task.

“I had to balance my court schedule and a family,” Farris said. “It was challenging but it provided me with more knowledge and will enable me to make better decisions in the courtroom. I enjoyed doing it.”

JCJA president Alice Tomerlin said part of the college’s mission is to “sponsor and assist in educational activities of significant merit, relevance and applicability to justice court judges.”

“(Justice court judges are) to be congratulated and recognized for taking the initiative to aquire advanced study to enhance (their) judicial skills which has a positive effect in the administration of the law (they) offer constituents.”