Huntsville High School saw increased police presence on campus Friday after a rumored school shooting threat at the school circulated on social media.

The supposed threat originated Wednesday afternoon, when HHS staff members were alerted to the potential safety issue. The school resource officer and campus administration quickly identified the student making the threat. However, after a thorough investigation it was determined that there was never a threat to the safety of the students or staff.

“Unfortunately, the rumor began to circulate Thursday, as it developed into a much larger story than the real incident,” Superintendent Dr. Scott Sheppard said in a release. “As a precautionary measure, additional police presence was arranged with the Huntsville Police Department on Friday. At this time there is still no credible or substantiated threat to the safety of any student or staff member in the district and no weapons were found on campus.”

However, on Friday a different student at the high school was taken into custody by law enforcement officials and immediately removed from campus after another threatening post on social with what appeared to be a water gun.

“This type of behavior simply will not be tolerated in our district,” Sheppard added. “Please help us by emphasizing to your children the serious consequences for making threats.

“As student and staff safety will always be our top priority, we take all threats seriously and investigate thoroughly. If you hear rumors causing a concern for your child’s safety or the safety of others, we urge you to communicate directly with campus or district administrators, or law enforcement officials, rather than posting rumors on social media. While social media can certainly be of benefit, some posts tend to create hysteria, leading to misinformation that can hinder an investigation and cause additional disturbances in the school and community.”

Parents or students can report any concern they may have to a teacher or administrator or use the district’s online incident reporter system through the district's website. 

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