Dante Owens

Dante Owens

Local authorities arrested an assault suspect Sunday evening after identifying him by his missing finger. 

According to law enforcement officials, patrol officers noticed a suspicious vehicle around 9 p.m. at Quick Pick, located in the 1000 Block of MLK Dr. The officers decided to talk with the driver after immediately detecting the smell of marijuana. They say that they noticed a man laying down in the back seat and were given a fake name when they asked him to identify himself.

The suspect —identified as Dante Owens, 21, of Bedias – had multiple arrest warrants including one from an assault with a deadly weapon charge in March, in which the suspect was reported to have lost a finger.

Officer Lucas Cowl of the Huntsville Police Department was aware of this, and quickly noticed that Owens was missing a finger and matched the description. Officers searched the vehicle, saying they found a marijuana pipe and a small amount of marijuana.

“This was heads-up police work by Officer Cowl,” HPD Lt. Jim Barnes said. “He just followed a hunch and sure enough, he was right.”

Owens was arrested and charged with failure to identify a fugitive and possession of drug paraphernalia, in addition to outstanding warrants for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He also had a warrant for his arrest after an aggravated robbery in Grimes County.

Owens is currently being held at the Walker County Jail on $47,000 in bonds. 

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