Texas Education Agency

New Waverly ISD students ended the 2017-18 school year on a high a note, and began the new school year on an even higher one after the state rolled out the accountability ratings as part of the new A-F rating system.

New Waverly received an overall “B” rating for the 2017-18 school year after earning 80 out of a total 100 points. New Waverly ISD superintendent Darol Hail commended district faculty and staff for the work they did last year to help the district succeed.

Hail also stated that even though the district received a high rating, the district will continue working on ensuring that each New Waverly ISD student succeeds in the future.

“We are proud of the hard work our staff, kids and community do. Scoring that well in this system is certainly a positive for the work our community, teachers and students strive for,” Hail said. “We will always look for ways to get better and so we will take these results and dig into them to see ways that might help our kids become more successful. But in terms of the system itself, we do not believe that it really is reflective of any of the school districts in Texas. 

"Again we are gratified that the results are positive, but our goal is to continue striving for the best for our students. We don’t really believe that an 'A' from a broken system does that. What we do believe is that we need to continue our dedication to empowering students for success. So we will continue to address the accountability system itself, but most importantly we want to continue to work with our students and community and help them succeed.”

The overall grade is based on performance in three key areas: student achievement, school progress and closing gaps among students. New Waverly ISD earned a “C” grade for student achievement; a “B” grade for school progress; and an “C” grade for closing gaps amongst students.

Individually, each of the campuses within New Waverly were rated as “met standard” by the Texas Education Agency for earning scores above 75 points out of the total 100.

New Waverly Elementary earned a “B” grade for receiving 80 out of 100 total points. New Waverly Intermediate School also earned a “B” rating by earning 84 out of 100 total points.

New Waverly Junior High and New Waverly High School both earned “C” grades for earning 77 points out of a total of 100.

Hail is proud of the work district faculty and staff have done and continue to do, but that there are flaws within the accountability system that fail to accurately and fairly assess districts.

“As far as the system itself is concerned, we are always proud of the hard work of our students, staff and community. In that sense we are proud that our folks get some attention and appreciation for all the work they do,” Hail said. “However, the system itself has great flaws. We do believe in accountability, but trying to put everything that happens into one single grade makes no sense. Imagine being in school and every grade from every class went into making you have one single grade for the year. Then imagine if that really came down to one test in each class for the whole year, and all of those being melted into one grade.

“Further imagine if you somehow put attendance, which isn’t even based on how well you do but actually based on how well you do compared to others, went into your one grade. Finally, imagine being told all of this and the final way you will actually be graded isn’t even told to you until you had completed your single round of tests. That is our accountability system as of today.”