New Waverly City Hall

The city of New Waverly continues to grow, but the price of utilities will not. 

Citizens will not see a utility rate hike despite an extra $20,000 being allocated for the city’s sewer system. The rates along with a $579,150 general fund budget were approved during a meeting on Tuesday.

“There were no large changes to the budget, but it will continue to grow alongside our population,” New Waverly mayor Nathaniel James said. “We want to provide the best possible services to our residents and thankfully, there will be no additional cost to them.”

The $579,150 general budget covers all city costs, including employee expenses, office expenses, maintenance, insurance and additional expenditures. The water and sewer budget, totaling $643,970 includes a $20,000 increase in expenses for sewer maintenance.

“We will be replacing a sewer line in the city within the next year, which is covered in the budget,” James added. “We believe the budgets will ensure our city costs our covered and that no city taxes need to be levied.”

The city also added 30% more in costs to the New Waverly Public Library and doubled its budget for legal fees.

Other action taken by the council included:

• approval of a service plan for a 25.86 acre voluntary annexation of land along Interstate 45.

The next meeting of the New Waverly City Council is set for 6 p.m. on October 8 at New Waverly City Hall.