George Russell, candidate for Huntsville mayor

The soft opening of The Ethician Foundation of Genocide and Atrocities Committed Against American Indians and Other Native Peoples will take place Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. during Fair on the Square in Huntsville.

The grand opening of the new museum, which is located in two historic houses that have been co-joined, will be on Oct. 10. One of the homes dates to around 1845 and the other to circa 1873.

“We are currently actively soliciting donations of materials related to Native peoples that have resided in the Americas for many thousands of years ...” Ethician Foundation president George H. Russell said.

“We are in need of Indian artifacts including, but not limited to, arrowheads, knives, tools, native dress, works of art, publications and other materials related to Native American history and pre-history.

“We do not believe in charging admission to our museums as we feel that it is unfair to families on limited income to not be able to learn from and enjoy visits to museums,” Russell added. 

To arrange free tours at other times, please visit

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