Walker County finally received what Huntsville Fire Chief Tom Grisham was wishing for — a good soaking rain over the weekend.

With the winds and moisture levels down, Grisham said currently, he doesn’t see a countywide burn ban coming anytime soon.

“We’re in good shape right now,” Grisham said. “I think most of the county got about 3 inches of rain and that’s what we needed.”

Grisham said fire stations around the county had a busy day Friday, responding to four different wildfire calls — but since then, things have settled down.

“On Friday, the Texas Forest Service’s Keetch-Byran Drought Index reported Huntsville’s moisture levels at 602 — today we’re at 377,” Grisham said. “There have been no grass fires since Friday — I’m happy with that.”

Although the situation looks good at present, Grisham said he will continue to monitor the KBDI and the weather forecast.

“I believe we have a forecast for more rain throughout the week and we’ll have to see what the cold front is going to do,” Grisham said. “It all depends of the weather.”

Grisham said other counties in Texas — 77 having a current burn ban on Friday — will be both lifting and sustaining their burn bans.

“Some counties will lift burn bans when they get enough rain but others will stand through the seven days,” Grisham said.

As far as Walker County’s burn ban status for the future, Grisham said we’ll just have to wait and see.

“We can’t predict mother nature,” Grisham said. “As situations arise, we’ll take the necessary actions.”

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