Sometimes people need a helping hand. 

Four Houston-area churches in conjunction with the Action Reach-out Mission by Youth at First United Methodist Church of Huntsville spent the past week remodeling and building homes for the needy across the city.

“It feels so good to serve,” U.M. ARMY volunteer Keith Mosley said. “It is our mission to make a difference and help the community, and we are so happy to be doing that.”

Teams, which were comprised of 90 campers and 55 students, between grades 9-12, from Methodist churches across Southeast Texas worked throughout the past week, improving nearly 30 local homes and even constructing a few. The individual churches were responsible for building teams and dividing groups between the various work sites, while also ensuring that each team has two supervisors.

“These teenagers and adults chose to spend a week of their summer serving as the hands and feet of Christ to people with whom they have no previous connection,” FUMC Huntsville Rev. Daniel Irving said. “All they knew is that there was a need, and where there is a need, God’s people show up, and when God’s people show up and do what God calls us to do, Walker County and the world are transformed for the better.”

During the trip, teams completely built some homes, but much of the work was to add wheelchair ramps. Teams also improved siding, doors and flooring.

“Our goal here was to transform lives,” project organizer John McClure said. “We wanted to make a difference and forage connections and leave the town better than it was found.”

The project, Mission Helping Houses, takes place across Texas during the month of June, however planning began in March. The organization also visits north and mid atlantic regions of the country, and will soon extend to Florida, Mississippi and the surrounding southeastern states.

“This is an excellent organization that teaches teamwork, charity and love of community,” McClure said. “The kids truly look forward to this and it is a completely life changing experience.”