Huntsville police are still searching for definitive answers concerning Jaffrey Kizzee’s precise involvement in the Feb. 2 shooting death of Jason Dewayne Ross.

Sgt. Gary Howze, who heads the Huntsville Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Department, said it will be at least two more weeks before definitive conclusions can be reached.

“We are still working on gathering the loose ends and re-interviewing witnesses,” Howze said Monday.

Jaffrey allegedly accompanied his uncle, Denis John Kizzee, to a confrontation with Ross in front of Mance Park Middle School.

The reason for the meeting is still uncertain, Howze said, but they believe it was a drug deal that went sour and resulted in Denis shooting Ross in the back.

Ross died shortly after being transported to Huntsville Memorial Hospital.

Denis killed himself two days later in his Houston residence as Houston police attempted to serve him a felony warrant.

What remains in question now, Howze said, is just what Jaffrey’s role in the incident was.

“He has not given any indication himself,” Howze said. “A lot of the information we have received has been inconsistent.”

Howze said Denis has always been assumed to be the shooter in the incident and will remain so unless other information comes to light.

“We are fairly confident he was the shooter,” Howze said. “We are ready for new information. We don’t foresee it coming out but we are not saying it couldn’t happen.”

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