Local teen's films to be featured at Prison City Film Festival

In a record year of submissions to Huntsville’s Prison City Film Festival, from seasoned filmmakers around the world, Huntsville teen and Marvel Comics enthusiast Tori Mosser is poised to debut her first short film, Hawkeye. The independent film will be in the varsity high school category for the Next-Gen Award.

“I’m pretty much in shock, I didn’t really think that I would be accepted, I just thought it would be a good try just to get myself out there a little bit more, so I’m very excited and I’m very proud of everyone who worked with me to make it happen,” Mosser said. “I was already planning on going to the film festival just to check it out for the first time, but now I truly get the whole experience because my own film will be playing too.”

Mosser’s film, Hawkeye, focuses on Kate Bishop, Marvel Comics’ female counterpart to Clint Barton, who has taken the spotlight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While both characters are known for their sharp archery skills, answer to the alias Hawkeye and share an intertwined storyline, Bishop has largely only existed in the comic book series until recently. The female Hawkeye will finally be making her debut alongside Barton later this year in a Disney+ streaming television series. However, Mosser’s own portrayal of the female hero will first hit the big screen at Old Town Theatre next weekend for the Prison City Film Festival.

“Before I knew that they were both going to appear (in the streaming series), I kind of made my own thing to make sure that they would both appear somewhere in the world,” Mosser said. “I figured out who (Bishop) was several years ago and I started buying some of the comics with her in it. I just fell in love with her personality and all of her stories, how creative they were and how adventurous and funny she was. I think I just saw a lot of myself in her and that’s how I fell in love with her.”

The idea for the storyline came to Mosser in 2018, though she didn’t begin work on it until 2020. Over the course of six months time, Mosser wore every hat to bring her vision to life. She began by writing the script based on what she felt best fit the characters that already existed in the MCU, casted her friends alongside herself to bring the film’s supporting heroes to life, directed and edited the film to completion.

Now, an aspiring actress and filmmaker, Mosser is looking forward to networking with industry professionals and getting a first-hand industry experience in the world of filmmaking.

“I would love to win, that would be great, but honestly, it’s just an honor to not only be in the film festival but to be nominated,” Mosser said. “I’m so excited to meet a bunch of people because I would love to be able to collaborate with other people and get their views, opinions and just to learn from them as well, because I know there is so much I could learn.”

Mosser’s first passion is to act, however, she loves all aspects of film making and plans on pursuing her interests at Sam Houston State University as a freshman in the fall.

Hawkeye is scheduled to show during the B4 block from 6-7:50 p.m. at the Old Town Theatre in downtown Huntsville on Thursday, Feb. 25.

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