On Saturday morning, about 20 members of the Walker County Democratic Party marched around Huntsville's downtown square and demanded to see President Trump’s past tax returns. The rally coincided with April 15th, the traditional tax day in the United States. Because it's Easter weekend and Emancipation Day is celebrated in the nation's capital Monday, tax returns are not due until Tuesday, April 18.

Like the Democrats did in Walker County, protesters in the U.S. and worldwide gathered for the same reason. Trump’s tax returns have been a hot-button issue since his campaign kicked off. 

The Huntsville march started at Democratic Party headquarters and followed a route around downtown Huntsville. 

Dorothy Willett, vice president of the Walker County Democratic Party, said, “The rally is nationwide, even around the globe, sponsored by the Democratic Party. Ours was organized by Texas Women for Justice. We are rallying to put pressure on Trump to release his tax returns and become more transparent.” 

Officers of the local party got the word out through social media, email and the group's website. The rally attracted protesters from Montgomery County and beyond, including Kathy Richardson of The Woodlands. 

An activist with Texas Women for Justice. Richardson said, “They are doing important work here. Trump is completely unqualified to be in government. We must hold him accountable and stand up.” 

Terry Presley, the chairperson for the Walker County Democratice Party, added, “We are tired of Trump’s arrogance and are here to tell him he is not above the law. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans, but because gerrymandering Republicans pick their constituents and ensure their election.” 

Presley pointed out that the 2018 elections will be vital to the balance of power. 

“2018 is a crucial year. Hundreds of seats will be up for vote within the state house and senate, along with the national elections," she said. "Many believe 2020 is the big year, but 2018 is much more vital for the future.” 

Presley mentioned that members of the Walker County Democratic Party are seeking candidates to run for city and county seats, and oppose U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady in 2018. 

“There are more Trump voters who have been affected by his actions than Democrats," Presley said of Brady. "We are here to speak for everyone. Democrats may not be as loud, but when we are passionate, our rallies get the point across.” 

The members of the party said even though Saturday's rally was small, it was successful. The Walker County Democrats have meetings on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. The group's next rally will be in two weeks to bring greater awareness to climate change.