Sam Houston State theater students have been hard at work preparing for the opening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Erica Starr Theatre. The show will run from Oct. 7-10 with tickets priced at $15 for general admission and $12 for senior citizens and SHSU students.

A world-famous cult musical will be showcased next week by students at Sam Houston State. 

“The Rocky Horror Show,” will be performed for the first time at SHSU on Oct. 7-10 at the University Theatre Center by the SHSU's Musical Theater Department.

“Everybody has secrets, whether you are the president of the United States or pumping gas at the local gas station. This show just allows people to entertain those kind of secrets,” director and choreographer Greg Graham said.

"Rocky Horror" is a different type of sci-fi play. The story exploits the audience's mind with continuous plot revelations. There will be adult content and partial nudity.

“It pushes limits for the actors and the audience,” said Penelope Hasekoester, chair of the Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre.

"Rocky Horror Show" starts with what is described as two “normal kids on a night out.” Brad and Janet are freshly engaged and go on a long drive when they become stranded in the middle of nowhere, but end up finding shelter in a castle located a few miles down the road. The couple encounter a fascinating group of people and end up participating in their lifestyle. 

An unimaginable revelation occurs toward the end of the play and it’s sure to blow everyone's mind.

“It really takes an open mind to come see it and for the audience not to take themselves too seriously. Sort of just let their guard down and have a good time,” Graham said.

“Part of it is just accepting people for who they are,” added Hasekoester.

Many people familiar with the musical know of the unusual costumes and clothes that are worn.

“We use a lot of corsets … a lot of fishnets and a lot of garters. (It) is a combination of 1970s rock ‘n’ roll and Vegas glam, along with certain elements within the show that everyone expects. So you have to be true to that, but then you add your own twist to it,” said Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre costume designer Kristina Hanssen.

Besides directing the musical, Graham is an SHSU alumni who has performed in New York’s broadway shows "Chicago," "Billy Elliot," "Fosse," "Hairspray" and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels."

“We live in a strange world and … controversial world. We have a lot of issues in the country and world that are hard to deal with. I think these kind of shows are written because it gives people a ticket to just laugh and not care for an hour and half. That’s the medicine that live theater gives people,” said Graham.

The musical first premiered in 1973 London and was written by Richard O’Brien. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, is a 1975 movie based on the play. 

The play starts at 8 every night from Oct. 7 to 10. On Friday, "Rocky Horror," a film which is still popular around the country in late-night showings, will be performed at midnight.

Tickets are $15 for general admission and $12 for senior citizens and SHSU students. Group rates of 20 or more people are available for $10 per person.

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