Nathaniel James

Nathaniel James, center, won another term as New Waverly mayor. 

Nathaniel James was reelected as mayor of New Waverly in a landslide victory Tuesday night. 

James, who has served as mayor for the past two years, carried 84% of the vote in his victory over challenger Jurrell Vance. He said he plans to use his additional time in office to accomplish his ambitious goals.

“I am honored to win another term as mayor of New Waverly,” James said. “I would like to thank all of the citizens who came out to vote for me. I love this community that I have always been a part of and I am so happy to be in this position.”

According to James, the campaign was largely run by word of mouth, with few campaign signs or paraphernalia being made. Much of the work was going door-to-door, interacting with constituents and getting boots on the ground.

“It was not a very traditional campaign, but I am pleased with the turnout and support I received,” James added. “It really means a lot for citizens to believe in me and my leadership as their mayor. I want to continue representing them in the right way.”

During his second term, James plans to work with the Texas Department of Transportation to add sidewalks to city streets, add turning lanes to portions of the city and address traffic issues. He also plans to address funding issues with the New Waverly Public Library and collaborate with the New Waverly Fire Department to make improvements.

“I still have a lot that I want to accomplish as mayor, so I am very excited to have the opportunity,” James said. “I want to keep making this a great city to work, shop and play for visitors and citizens alike. I will not let my constituents down.”

Tuesday’s election also saw Lisa Koonce and Michael Lucas defeat Cynthia Vance in a closely contested race for two seats on the New Waverly City Council.

Koonce carried 45% of votes, while Lucas earned 37% and Vance followed with 18% of the vote.

Lucas, a life-long New Waverly resident and first time candidate, plans to use his office to speak for his close-knit community and give regular citizens a voice within the council.

“I am so excited to advocate for and represent my family and friends in this great community,” Lucas said. “I do not want to just make an impact, I want to make a positive difference and I believe having always lived here will help me connect with constituents.”

Koonce was not available for comment.