Huntsville ISD trustees reviewed how the district matches up to the state academically, financially and staffing-wise during last week’s meeting.

The board heard the 2018-19 Texas Academic Performance Report and held a public hearing, which no one spoke during. TAPR covers academic performance, the district’s previous financial information, teacher experience and turnover rates, and class size averages, among other topics.

In the report, the data showed that HISD falls slightly below the state average as a whole in all subjects and grade levels in terms of approaches, meets and masters on the state’s STAAR test. Approaches, meets and masters are state categories that measure a student’s mastery of the grade level material. However, district officials were quick to point out that HISD’s score increased in nearly every category.

“When you examine the growth of student populations on all of the tested subjects, we only had two areas that decreased,” Huntsville ISD superintendent Scott Sheppard said. “That’s a pretty good indication of progress throughout the district.”

The report also shows that the district held a 32.7% turnover rate, as compared to a 16.5% rate across the state. Teachers within Huntsville ISD stay an average of 4.8 years.

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