Huntsville resident celebrates 105th birthday

SubmittedHuntsville resident George H. McCoy will celebrate his 105th birthday on Sunday. He is believed to be one of the oldest living residents in the city. 

Fun-loving, quick-witted and a true Scotch-Irish redhead, George H. McCoy celebrates reaching the “ripe old age of 105” this Sunday. 

“Mac,” to all that know him, he was born in 1915 and has survived the Spanish flu pandemic, the Great Depression, World War II and now, the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the son of an independent oil man, McCoy grew up in the west Texas towns of Alpine and Marathon during the Depression. It was a difficult life, but taught him about hard work, ingenuity and how to make the most of what little he had.

After graduating from high school in Longview, McCoy headed to college at Louisiana State University. It was there that he met the love of his life, Morice Cole. Shortly after graduating with a degree in Engineering, George and Morice were married on Dec. 2, 1941. While on their honeymoon, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S.A. officially entered WWII. George ended his honeymoon and returned home to join the military, going on to serve his country in the Army Air Corp.

Following the end of the war, he and Morice had a baby girl named Patty and made their home in Houston, where George went to work in management at Ethyl Corporation for over 30 years. Living close to NASA and their astronauts during the onset of the space program was an exciting time for the family. As a neighbor of Neil Armstrong, George treasures his memory of standing in his front yard with media from all over the world as his neighbor landed on the moon.

George and Morice later moved to Huntsville in 2001 to be closer to their daughter, Patty. George has always been proud to be a Mason and Shriner. He is proud of his grandsons and great-grandsons. He loves his Lord and has been very blessed throughout his long and active life.