Twenty-three-year-old Freddy L. Granville of Huntsville was indicted Tuesday for manslaughter following the death of Rocky Trout, a county jail inmate who served time with Granville in May.

“The grand jury indicted him for manslaughter for recklessly causing the death of Rocky Dean Trout by what the (Dallas County) medical examiner called ‘mechanical asphyxiation, causing cardiac hypertrophy,’” Walker County District Attorney David Weeks told the Item on Thursday. “Basically, there was evidence of blunt force injuries to Mr. Trout’s chest and throat area.”

Trout died at the jail on May 8 after some kind of physical altercation with Granville, according to officials. His death was initially treated by county sheriff’s deputies as a homicide, but the grand jury ruled murder was not the case.

“The jury did not indict Mr. Granville for murder at this time because it was their feeling the intent to kill was there,” Weeks said.

Granville, who is not currently in jail, will turn himself over to authorities as soon as an arrest warrant is signed, according to his attorney, J. Paxton Adams.

“We’ve already discussed this matter with officers, and we informed them we would be turning ourselves in because it would be better for everyone involved,” Adams told the Item on Thursday. “We’ll do that as soon as law enforcement informs us of the signed warrant.”

At the time of his death, Trout, of New Waverly, was serving time in the county jail for a probation violation and aggravated kidnapping charges. Granville was being held on an assault charge.

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