Dyslexia can bring many challenges and affect many people in the workplace or even in the classroom, but there is help for parents if they feel their child might be dyslexic.

On Tuesday, Mayor Andy Brauninger and the Huntsville City Council recognized the disease with a proclamation to Dyslexia Awareness Month. The proclamation leads up to next week’s Dyslexia Awareness Night and Go Red Day for Dyslexia Awareness Day at Huntsville ISD.

The Oct. 13 event will feature a live, virtual event that will include topics such as the HISD dyslexia program, characteristics of dyslexia and resources for parents and students.

“This is just one more step in bringing awareness to our community about what dyslexia is, and how we support it as staff members to help our students and families,” HISD’s dyslexia specialist Sara Williams said of Tuesday’s proclamation.

It is estimated that 10 to 15% of the general population struggles with dyslexia. .

Those attending the virtual Dyslexia Awareness Night can access the log-in information on the Huntsville ISD Facebook page or the HISD website.