The City of Huntsville has announced a date for a public hearing for Wes Altom, a former Huntsville Police captain terminated by City Manager Bill Baine on April 9.

The hearing will take place before the Huntsville City Council on May 3 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be open to the public.

According to Deputy City Secretary Kristin Edwards, a detailed meeting agenda will be released in the coming days.

Altom, who served 21 years in the HPD, was terminated following a period of suspension, and filed a request for a public hearing to appeal his termination April 13. He has retained the services of Gregory Cagle, a regional attorney with the Texas Municipal Police Association.

“Captain Altom was employed by the HPD for 21 years.  I have reviewed his recent evaluations which were all superior,” Cagle said in a statement to the press concerning the filing of Altom’s grievance with the city. “We are not aware of any complaints regarding his performance or any investigations alleging misconduct on his part.  The termination of a 21 year employee with an exemplary record of service under these circumstances leaves me with the conclusion that the termination was politically based.”

Altom’s notice of termination, written by Baine, lists “dissatisfaction” with Altom’s handling of a recent situation regarding a local nightclub as the cause for termination.

“The cause action is my general dissatisfaction with the veracity of information provided by the Huntsville Police Department during the recent Shenanigans event,” the notice reads. “I do not have faith and confidence in you as a police officer.”

According to the Huntsville city charter, all dismissed employees have the right to appeal their termination. Altom’s hearing will result in a ruling from the City Council regarding his termination.

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