A Walker County grand jury has indicted a Sugarland man for stabbing a Huntsville police officer with a pick.

Matthew David Bumer, 29, was indicted on a count of aggravated assault against a public servant and resisting arrests/ search with a deadly weapon in connection with an April 4 dispute with law enforcement.

According to Walker County court documents, Bumer caused bodily injury to Sgt. Jeremy Carroll by stabbing him with a pick during the commission of an assault. Bumer is also accused of resisting arrest with a deadly weapon from officer Viviano Villafuerte.

Bumer was released Wednesday on $62,000 in bonds. If convicted he faces a jail sentence from life to five years in prison for the aggravated assault charge and a term of 2-10 years for the resisting arrest charge.

The Grand Jury also indicted two for continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Joseph Osili, 58, of Huntsville was indicted on continuous sexual abuse of a child and three counts of indecency with a child with sexual contact, while Anthony Dunbar, 44, of Baton Rouge, LA was charged with two counts of sexual contact, a count of indecency with a child and a single count of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Court records state that Osili’s charges stem from March 2016 to March 2019 with a child under the age of 14, while Dunbar’s were between April 17, 2017 and August 11, 2017.

Osili remains in custody at the Walker County Jail on bonds totalling $232,500, while Dunbar is in jail on $61,000 in bonds.

Other indictments handed down were:

• Frederick Brown, assault family impede breathing/ circulation, evading arrest detention with previous conviction;

• Justin Durham, driving while intoxicated (third or more);

• Moises Fernandez-Ferrer, possession of controlled substance;

• Kailei Hendley, DWI with child under age of 15;

• Amber Johnson, harassment of public servant;

• Shanga Jones, evading arrest with previous conviction;

• Valencia Jones, DWI with child under age of 15;

• Delois Kinney, driving while intoxicated (third or more);

• Eric Minor, possession of controlled substance, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence;

• Terry Riles, possession of controlled substance;

• Martin Saldivar, driving while intoxicated (third or more);

• Stacey Scott, possession of controlled substance

• Helen Shaver, possession of controlled substance

• Patrick Smith, driving while intoxicated (third or more);

• Travis Smith, theft of firearm, unlawful possession of firearm by felon;

• Mark Waddell, manufacture/ delivery of controlled substance;

• Melinda Warren, forgery financial instrument;

• Matthew Cooley, burglary of building, burglary of habitation;

• David Franco, unauthorized use of vehicle;

• Russell King, sex offender failure to comply;

• Jack Kizer, burglary of habitation, burglary of building;

• Robert Johnson, theft of property ($30K-$150K);

• Ryan McCalla, possession of controlled substance;

• John Obanion, possession of controlled substance;

• Brian Countryman, driving while intoxicated (third or more);

• Maggie Hernandez, possession of controlled substance;

• Lewis Lambert, possession of controlled substance;

• Thomas Mueller, driving while intoxicated (third or more);

• Travis Smith, fraud use/ possession of identifying information.