Garden Center expands outreach with new artisanal market

Kim's Home and Garden Center (Courtesy Photo)Kim's Home and Garden will host a Sip-n-Shop artisan market on July 23-24, featuring unique items from over 20 vendors. 

Kim’s Home and Gardens is bringing summer fun and local art to Top O’ the Hill Farm in their upcoming Southern Summer Sip n’ Shop Artist Walk. The two-day event on July 23-24 will feature nearly 20 carefully selected, local artisan booths with goods ranging from paintings to hand-crafted soaps as well as live entertainment.

Hosting events is nothing new for Kim Bius and her business, as they host various events year-round such as fall vegetable gardening workshops and a holiday open house. She hopes that her events continue to bring people in from all over and get them engaged with the history of Top O’ the Hill and with the city.

“It’s just to share the beauty of this place and bring more people in so they can see us,” Bius said. “Of course, it promotes the entire area. So we’re working with marketing the entire area because Huntsville is such a hidden gem.”

She has found that people are already flocking to the area from California, Florida and other areas to escape the hustle and bustle of cities for Huntsville’s quieter atmosphere. Bius feels that the city should re-market itself as the jewel of the woodland forest and believes the artisan walk will help bring in even more people and show off how unique Huntsville is.

To be able to truly exemplify the individuality of locals, artists seeking booths at the event had to meet two criteria; the products must be self-made and they must be within a 75 mile radius of Huntsville. This led to most spots being filled by people within 40 miles of the city and the farthest vendor being from Galveston.

The variety of booths and entertainment offered at the event will provide patrons with an experience like no other and will get local artisans the exposure they seek.

“We try to keep it like a festival atmosphere here, because that’s what keeps people here, most people are generally going to be here for about three hours,” Bius said.

Sip n’ Shop will take place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is free to the public. Visitors will be treated to complimentary lemonade and sweet tea while they peruse the market, the daily deals at Kim’s Home and Gardens and enjoy a performance by Logan McCune. 

Kim's Home and Garden is located at 2715 Lake Road in Huntsville. 

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