Water service providers across Texas hit hard by frigid winter storms and mounting power outages are asking residents to restrict usage as reports of water main breaks, low pressure and busted pipes emerge.

In Huntsville, the public works department is asking residents to reduce their water usage through Friday.

Mayor Andy Brauninger said in a release Wednesday afternoon that the city is experiencing reduced pressure across its distribution system due in part to waterline breaks throughout the town. Huntsville has seen temperatures in the single digits this week, with wind chills dropping below zero.

The city also said that it is seeing limited pumping capacity from the Trinity River Authority of Texas and frozen pumping components at well sites.

“Because of these pressure issues, we are issuing a boil water notice that we will lift once pressures return to normal,” Brauninger said. “We ask that you help us conserve water by limiting your use to health and safety purposes only.”

To ensure the destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and making ice should be boiled and cooled prior to use. The water should be brought to a vigorous, rolling boil for two minutes. If you do not have electricity in order to boil water, please refrain from drinking or using tap water. In lieu of boiling, you may purchase water from some other suitable source.

City fire crews have also been dealing with multiple broken water pipe calls since Tuesday.

Huntsville Memorial Hospital is one of the many consumers that have been left without water from the city. CEO Steve Smith says that bottled water has been delivered from the county and they are working towards securing a tanker truck.

The hospital is currently in a critical mode due to the weather disaster. 

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