Fans of the Eli Young Band will have a rare opportunity Friday night.

The band will be hosting a CD release debut party at the Jolly Fox Club and doors open at 8 p.m.

Why would a band that isn’t from Huntsville be hosting a release party here?

“When we first started thinking about doing a live record, we had offers from quite a few clubs that have done live records before. At that point, we wanted to find a place where the crowd was building, so we could still keep it small,” band frontman Mike Eli said on his way to a gig in Kerrville recently. “We wanted to find a club that meant something to us.”

Because Fox owner George Spentzos has been supportive of the band, Eli said he knew the Fox was the perfect place to record the band’s live album, “Live At The Jolly Fox.”

“We knew it was a good fit, and we went in and did a good show,” Eli said. “We recorded a good record. If you’re going to do something like this, you want to find a club that has a lot of history and one that is going to be there a long time and has a soul.

“When we decided to do the live record, we wanted to do everything right because you only have one chance,” he explained. “We wanted to capture the magic of one show. We made sure we brought in the right equipment for a record people could jam to and dig. We’re really happy with the finished product and feel it represents the kind of music we want to make for a long time.”

Eli describes the finished product as “raw” and “gritty.”

“It’s a record you can turn up your stereo and jam to,” he said. “We feel like we captured a good night. The crowd and the fans were awesome.

“They were almost too loud at times,” he laughed. “It was awesome.”

While the CD is already available, Friday night marks its official debut. Eli said the band is already working on a new project, due out summer 2007. Eli said being signed to Frank Liddell’s (Lee Ann Womack’s husband) label is an honor. The band also recently caught the attention of Billboard, Guitar One, CMT and GAC, as well as receiving an endorsement from Epiphone guitars.

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