After receiving a thumbs up from the Huntsville Planning Commission two weeks ago, the developers of a proposed 5.26 acre mobile home complex are seeking final approval by the City Council. 

Carter + Co, an accounting firm based in Dallas, recently purchased Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park and the adjoining property on Powell Road in southern Huntsville in an effort to add approximately 20 mobile homes sites to the complex.

The application for a conditional use permit will go before the Huntsville City Council tonight at 6 p.m., preceded by a public hearing.

“We feel that this expansion is going to have very little impact on property values of neighboring residents,” Carter + Co representative Cono Casella told the commissioners.

The conditional use permit requires the construction of a fence around the outer perimeter of the park, installation of all public and private utilities to be installed underground, along with the construction of a frontage sidewalk. The permit also established landscaping and signage requirements.

“The community is trying to revitalize the neighborhood, with homes already there being improved upon,” resident Les Layman said in opposition. “If they put another trailer park on Powell Road my biggest concern is that there are a lot of other four and five acre tracts, so worried of somewhat of a domino affect. I would much rather see someone put 10 homes on slabs, which would generate more tax revenue for the city of Huntsville.”

Other items expected to be presented to the council tonight includes:

• an amendment to the schedules and fees for building permits to comply with House Bill 852.

• an ordinance to amend parking restrictions in the Avenues.

• an ordinance to approve the gas reliability infrastructure program rates with Centerpoint Energy.