Have you put off having your pet spayed or neutered because it’s too expensive? 

Thanks to a spay and neuter assistance program — in conjunction with Walker county — officials at the Rita B. Huff Humane Society have been able to provide nearly 300 spay or neuter procedures for low income residents.

On Monday, the reimbursements from the county were expanded to include those living within the city of Huntsville.

“We were operating under an old contract, and did not realize that there was a clause excluding spay and neuter assistance for citizens of Huntsville,” Rita B. Huff executive director Lori Tolliver said.

The Walker County Commissioners Court removed that clause from the contract by a unanimous vote.

“The program is making a difference in limiting unwanted litters in the area,” Tolliver said. “We rather spay and neuter than have litters and litters being delivered to the shelter.”

The SNAP program provides a $40 discount for spay and neuters for dogs and a $20 discount for cats.

County OK’s purchase of ambulance

The commissioners unanimously agreed to sign a letter of intent with Siddons-Martin Emergency Group for the purchase of a 2019 Ford ambulance at a price of $237,897.

“I was notified the middle of last week that our representative had lost several chassis, due to an increased demand,” EMS director John Nabors said. “This proposal would hold our chassis, so no other representative can take it.”

Other action taken by the court included:

• approval for a water seepage study at the district attorney’s office.

• approval of the county road maintenance list for the 2019-20 budget.

• approval for county’s record management plan, setting a $10 archival fee, a $1 vital records fee and a $10 records management and preservation fee.

• appointing Morris Johnson and Tracey Sorenson for new terms of the Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare Board of Trustees.

• appointing B.J. Gaines Jr. and Juanita Hall to new terms on the Board of Commissioners of the Walker County Housing Authority.

The next scheduled meeting of the Walker County Commissioners Court is set for July 22 at 9 a.m.