Hwy. 75 school zone

City officials are proposing that a school zone be placed along Hwy. 75 near the newly commissioned Huntsville Classical Academy. 

A new speed zone has been established in the city of Huntsville. 

With only one citizen speaking in opposition, the Huntsville City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday to implement a new speed zone along Hwy. 75 South, near the newly commissioned Classical Academy of Huntsville.

“I’m so surprised that you would even put a school on a major street that is only two lanes wide,” Huntsville resident Charlotte Piper told the council. “We have massive transportation problems in that area already, and your solution is to make everybody that lives there pay for your decision to put a school there. This is a main road, and that should have been thought of before approving this building.”

The Texas Department of Transportation approached the city with the proposal to amend the speed zone ordinance for the stretch of road. The length of the school zone will be approximately 2,200 linear feet, and drop traffic speed from 50 mph to 35 mph at the beginning and ending of the school day.

“As a person who runs a school on Hwy. 30, I recognize that while this may be an inconvenience for an hour or two a day, it is a necessary measure for the safety of the parents and students,” said councilmember Paul Davidhizar, who is also the headmaster at Alpha Omega Academy.

TxDOT will install and maintain the speed zone signs, and flashing beacons will be added to the location.

In other action, council members:

• approved an amendment to the 2019-20 budget, which includes $92,578 in grant usage.

• approved a two year contract with Cintas for uniform rental and cleaning services.

• awarded a bid of $60,000 for the purchase and installation of a flexible liner for the Spring Lake WP backwash tank.

• amended a lease agreement with Sealark Investments, LLC for an oil, gas and mineral lease for land in the northeast corner of the Huntsville Transfer Station. The amendment adds two years to the lease for Sealark, which has not begun drilling operations at the site.

The next scheduled meeting of the Huntsville City Council is scheduled for February 4 at Huntsville City Hall.