New radar equipment is coming to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. 

Walker County Commissioners approved a request from the sheriff’s office to purchase nine Stalker radars at its meeting Monday afternoon. The funds for the radar purchase will come from the civil forfeiture fund, which commissioners also approved.

“We are required to submit an annual report to the Texas Attorney General each year regarding the money or assets we have seized from civil forfeiture,” WCSO Captain Tim Whitecotton said. “We did not seize any property last year, but did seize a good amount of money, which we do not use without approval.”

Data submitted to the attorney general shows that WCSO seized a total of $199,278 from October 2018 to September 2019, returning a total of $5,518. A total of $246,750 was also collected from awards and forfeitures, with $22,770 of the funds being spent on the radars.

“We are required to get permission from the court before spending more than $20,000,” county purchasing director Mike Williford said. “The department did their due diligence in finding the best deal for this equipment, which allowed them to buy six of these radars and getting three free.”

The Striker radar packages include the dual antenna radar, 36-month warranties and rear and front mounts for the issued Chevrolet Tahoes.

The next scheduled meeting of the Walker County Commissioners Court will be Nov. 11 at 9 a.m.

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