Big changes are coming to the Walker County Jail when it comes to food.

Walker County Commissioners approved a new food service contract for Summit for around $42,000 more than the current vendor. The change comes as prisoners and staff have become dissatisfied with the current vendor.

“We had a group taste test the three company’s food, and one stood out above the rest,” presenter Mike Williford said. “We used a set of criteria to determine the vendor, with only 30% being determined by price.”

Three vendors, Five Star Correctional, Aramark Correctional and Summit vied to be the service provider for the jail. The Evaluation Committee used three factors to determine the vendor, 40% was experience and qualifications, 30% was based on the price, and another 30% was whether the vendor met their needs and requirements.

“Although Five Star is around $40,000 less, we believe that Summit is the best provider overall,” Williford added. “This vendor will also offer a larger staff, which will be beneficial to inmates and staff.”

Five Star’s proposed budget was $284,700 annually, or around $1.30 per meal, while Summit’s budget would be $326,666, or approximately $1.47 per meal. In addition to increasing the staff, Summit will also offer inmates the chance to earn a food handlers card and job placement upon release.

Other action taken by the commissioners includes:

• approval of two new food warmers and a washing machine for the jail.

• approval of a new copier for Justice of the Peace 1.

The next scheduled meeting of the Walker County Commissioners Court will be Sept. 9 at 9 a.m. 

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