The Huntsville City Council approved an ordinance for the May 10 municipal election during a regular session on Tuesday night at city hall.

City secretary Stephanie Brim presented the request to the council for the purpose of electing four at-large councilmember positions.

The first day to file for a place on the ballot is Saturday, but since most city and school offices are closed filing will start Monday.

The last day to file for a place on the ballot is Monday, March 10.

Brim also presented a request for reissuing the joint agreement with Walker County, Huntsville Independent School District and Walker County Hospital District.

According to Brim, the agreement is a tradition between the taxing entities, lining out duties and cost sharing details between them.

The council unanimously approved.

Councilmembers were not, however, in agreement on all agenda items during the meeting.

A proposal was presented to councilmembers — with exception of Mayor J. Turner and councilmember and mayor pro tem Mac Woodward who signed affidavits previous to the meeting — by Sam Burris, a representative from Methodist Retirement Communities.

Burris requested the council’s support for city participation in funding issues related to the construction of a new nursing home facility to replace the current Ella Smither Geriactric Center.

The proposal included funding an amount not to exceed $25,000 to waiver permit fees and an amount not to exceed $40,000 for water/wastewater service extensions around the subject property area.

The council approved funding to waive permit fees six to one with councilmember Mickey Evans opposed.

The council’s mixed feelings concerning constitutional duties/restrictions and future economic impact/value prevented city participation for funding of water and sewage extensions.

The motion was opposed with a four to three vote — councilmembers Evans, Dalene Zender, Melissa Mahaffey and Wayne Barrett in opposition and councilmembers Jim Willett, Jack Choate and Clarence Griffin in favor.

During the meeting, the council also:

• Approved minutes of Jan. 8 and 18,

• Approved the bid for two 2-yard dump trucks,

• Approved the bid for two backhoes,

• approved the bid for pipe supplies,

• Approved changes to the City’s fee schedule to reflect a six-cent per gallon rate for receiving septic waste and continuing the pilot program for an additional six weeks,

• Approved the elimination of an aerator structure and relocation of inlet pipes at Palm Street water plant,

• Approved the proposed compensation adjustment to the municipal court prosecutor contract,

• Approved the appointment of Councilmember Wayne Barrett to the TxDOT Transportation Committee.