City Council

The Huntsville City Council meeting room.

The city of Huntsville embarked on a strategic planning process Monday afternoon that will shape things big and small, from the city’s overarching vision to departmental to-do lists.

The strategic plan defines where the city wants to go and how to get there. On Monday, city council members shared their priorities – including those related to a continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction of the MLK Recreation Center and staffing levels for public safety, to name a few.

“Over this past year the COVID-19 pandemic has really thrown a wrench in what we do,” Kulhavy said. “We have had to change a lot on what we do on the fly, but were still able to achieve many of the objectives that were set last year.”

The city’s strategic plan is based on seven initiatives — city appearance, communications, economic development, infrastructure, resource development, finance and public safety.

Initiatives pitched involving city appearance included tree preservation efforts, zoning review and a continued enhancement of downtown infrastructure. Economic development initiatives included an increase in outreach efforts to attract developers, increase shopping opportunities in the city and review the possibility of forming an economic development coalition.

On the infrastructure initiative, city council members urged a feasibility study to determine the maximum population capacity for current infrastructure and initiate a public transportation action plan. Council members said that they wanted to begin construction of the MLK Recreation Center and skate-park under its resource development. Mayor Andy Brauninger also pitched the idea of the city creating a feasibility study for a sports complex.

Public safety initiatives included adding additional firefighters and public safety civilian personnel.

The plan will be finalized at a second public meeting tonight at 5 p.m. in the Huntsville Public Library. 

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