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Without public opposition, the Huntsville City Council signed off on proposals from two separate developers to construct a pair of apartment complexes in southwest Huntsville. 

The largest of the projects — Huntsville Village Apartments — filed plans late last year to begin the second phase of the project on Boettcher Drive. The project will create 14 new units with a total of 48 student bedrooms and 53 parking spaces. Plans also call for 300 linear feet in the building fronting Boettcher Drive.

The buildings are being constructed by local contractor Charles Vincent, and are depicted as student housing with 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom units. The units would contain a shared kitchen and living space.

The third phase of the project will include 88 additional bedrooms with 96 more parking spaces.

“This is unique because the first phase of the project was constructed before the new regulations for purpose-built shared housing were passed by council,” planner Leah Larkins said. “The developer built additional parking in the first phase, so some of that can be used to meet code in the second phase. The conditional use permit would permit both the second and third phase, but plans for third phase have not been submitted to the city.

The second apartment complex, which was approved by the city council on Tuesday was for a 13 unit student housing complex on the 1300 block of Windsor Street. The 13 units will contain 52 bedrooms, which will include two duplexes being built on site.

The developer requested a reduction to the parking requirements, which requires 1.1 spaces per every bedroom in student housing complexes.

“The parking requirements are more restrictive than our development code, so even with the reduction in parking, it is still above the development code.” Larkins said.

The developer agreed to plant eight trees to replace the parking spaces and provide a bike rack on-site.

The next scheduled meeting of the Huntsville City Council is scheduled for Jan. 21.